There are a few principles which as a wedding photographer I always hold dear - attention to detail, professionalism, and above all a determination to exceed the expectations of my clients and deliver a flawless experience.

Perhaps this is why being the recommended photographer at Colshaw Hall seems to be a match made in heaven? Since Colshaw Hall opened for business a in 2013, I have been fortunate enough to become the photographer of choice for many brides & grooms getting married there with more than 25 weddings booked in for this year alone!

My belief is that the modern couple are more appreciative of photography than ever before and prefer a photographer who is not only experienced and calm under pressure but who is able to deliver world class images whilst maintaining a low profile and allowing the wedding to follow it's natural course with a minimum of interference.  

The staff at Colshaw Hall also share these values, maybe we're pefect for each other? Just like you two!